LITTLE SHOP | Specific Prayer Journal | Price $27 | Sale $17
LITTLE SHOP | Specific Prayer Journal | Price $27 | Sale $17
LITTLE SHOP | Specific Prayer Journal | Price $27 | Sale $17
LITTLE SHOP | Specific Prayer Journal | Price $27 | Sale $17
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LITTLE SHOP | Specific Prayer Journal | Price $27 | Sale $17

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Specific Prayer Journal

A refreshing & eye-opening form of daily prayer for over-thinking, overwhelmed, and over-worrying Moms.

If you are an over-thinking, overwhelmed, or over-worrying Mama, you especially will find great comfort in this way of talking with God!

When you pray very specifically about even the smallest parts of your day, you give God a chance to show you His goodness. You also give yourself the opportunity to continually express gratitude for answered prayers and increase your daily conversations with God.

So what makes a prayer a specific prayer?

Specific prayer is probably best described by explaining what it is NOT. For example, "Please help this morning go well" is not a specific prayer.

It is vague and hard to measure. Did the morning go well? Maybe some of it did and some of it didn't. So does that mean your prayer was answered? Or not?

Here's a more specific prayer:

"God, mornings feel hectic. This morning let me be at a good stopping point in my work when the kids get up and need me. Help me remember to have one meaningful conversation with each child at breakfast. When I remind the kids to talk nicely to each other, give them the ears to listen. Instead of frantic, I'd like the last five minutes before school to be slower, so I can tell everyone I love them. Please help me make smart decisions about our time this morning to make this all possible."

See the difference? God doesn't need help but sometimes we do - pinpointing what we are actually asking for with our prayers so we can do the part that is ours and God can handle the rest.

Here's what's included in the Specific Prayer Journal to help get you started with this form of prayer:

  • Welcome Letter + Examples of Specific Prayer - Consider this Welcome Letter + Specific Prayer Examples to be your friendly introduction to this special way of connecting with God. 

  • Bible Verses Printable - Keep these two Bible Verses handy from Philippians and 1 John as easy reminders of God's promises when we invite Him into our everyday through specific prayer.

  • Specific Prayers + Answers Printables - Use these pretty Specific Prayer Journal Pages to guide you to get into the habit of specific prayer. Writing down both your prayers and your answers ensures you will remember to do this AND keep up the habit with beautiful printables to look forward to each day.

When you pray specifically, and especially when you write it down, you can clearly see God working in your day. Then you can say thank you and trust that He will continue to show up for you!  ___________________________________________

I want you to be HAPPY with your Specific Prayer Journal and all the goodness included! If you have any questions or concerns after you purchase, please email and I will work with you to make sure you can get the most out of your new purchase!