LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37
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LITTLE SHOP | School Day Sanity Saver Pack | Price $37

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School Day Sanity Saver Pack

Set your school day up for smoother mornings & calmer afternoons! 

The School Day Sanity Saver Pack was created especially for Moms and families, with printables to help you set up some quick & easy must-have routines and bring more order and peace to your days!

Tired of constantly rushing, reminding, repeating yourself, feeling behind...and doing it all over again the next day?

Let's change that! With just a few new and intentional routines in place, you'll be able to spend your energy on the things that matter most - like meaningful interactions with your family and dare I say it - some time to yourself!


Smoother Mornings Printables

  • 3 Steps to Organize School Clothes. Save time and arguing every morning with these practical, doable tips!
  • Smooth Morning Checklists. Cut down on reminders and repeating yourself and get everything done before it is time to leave (without feeling like you just ran a marathon)!
  • Smooth Morning Lunch Plan. Make decisions about school lunches ahead of time - no more scrambling at the last minute!  
  • Get Out the Door Before-School Activity Checklist. Help your kids remember all the essentials and be ready on time for their before-school activities.

Calmer Afternoons Printables

  • 5 Steps to Organize School Papers. Create and easily keep up this simple system that will have your sorting, storing, and saving kids' school papers through high school - no more counter piles!
  • School papers Cover Page Printable. Label your new system for keeping school papers organized with these cute, practical Cover Page printable.
  • Calm Afternoon Checklists. Help your kids move through their afternoon routine - unpacking, winding down, homework, activities, and chores - with an easy-to-follow checklist to keep them on track.
  • Get Out the Door After-School Activity Checklist. Be sure your kids gather everything they need for after-school activities (without a million reminders) so they are ready and on time without help!

Sanity Savers Extras Printables

  • School Day Sanity Savers Activities At-A-Glance 
  • School Day Sanity Savers Week At-A-Glance 
  • School Day Sanity Savers Month At-A-Glance 
  • School Day Gratitude Lists


  • Teacher Favorites Checklist. Keep track of all your teacher's favorite things and make their day with this handy printable. You'll know exactly what to get for Christmas and End-of-Year gifts plus be able to send in small surprises along the way.
  • Checklist Pictures. Make sure everyone in the family can contribute to your smoother mornings and calmer afternoons with helpful pictures to add to your checklists for younger kids and non-readers.

Get excited for days that are less rushed, less hectic, and more organized with more time to pay attention to the things that matter most!

I want you to be HAPPY with your School Day Sanity Saver Pack and all the goodness included! If you have any questions or concerns after you purchase, please email and I will work with you to make sure you can get the most out of your new purchase!