LITTLE Shop | A Daily Dose of Gratitude for Teens | Ages 11-15 Camo Journal Set | Price $54
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LITTLE Shop | A Daily Dose of Gratitude for Teens | Ages 11-15 Camo Journal Set | Price $54

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A Daily Dose of Gratitude for Teens

Camo Journal Set | Ages 11-15

Ready to make it easier for your pre-teens & teens to focus on the good?

Raise teens who appreciate what they have, look for the good in others, and choose to see the bright side over complaining.

The PRINTABLE Daily Dose of Gratitude for Teens was designed especially for kiddos ages 11-15 to practice looking for blessings in new & creative ways.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Engaging prompts & space to explore the meaning of gratitude including what it looks like, feels like, and sounds like in your teen's life.

  • Room to write about the things that matter to him/her - from music to sports, the arts or activities - everything counts on these pages!

  • Gratitude Wall Art to express creativity as your teen designs thoughtful, decorative reminders to practice gratitude.

  • Gratitude Prayer Pages to help him/her recognize God as the source of all gratitude and goodness.

  • Gratitude Stationary to help your teen share gratitude with friends and family with meaningful notes to help show appreciation for others.

  • Thoughtful prompts to help your teen to think carefully about the people in his/her life and all the reasons to be thankful for them.

Encourage a mindset of gratitude for your teens with these already-done-for you prompts and activities!

This Gratitude Journal Bundle includes BOTH COLOR VERSIONS (pink & aqua AND blue & green) to make it fun for your teens to choose their favorite activity in their favorite color (and switch it up depending on the day!).

PLUS...because A Daily Dose of Gratitude for Teens is printable, you can print favorite pages again and again so kiddos can keep noticing blessings all year long!

"These Gratitude Journals are beautiful and thoughtfully put together. I know Erin is a teacher so I can trust the things she creates will be relevant for my kids, plus easy to use and implement as a mom."

- Katie V. (Kids ages 8 & 5)