Gratitude Mini Devotional | 6 Inspiring Quotes & Verses | Price $19 | SALE $9
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Gratitude Mini Devotional | 6 Inspiring Quotes & Verses | Price $19 | SALE $9

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Gratitude Mini Devotional | 6 Quotes & Verses | Be inspired and encouraged in your Mom life as you choose gratitude every day!

Treat yourself to the Gratitude Mini Devotional! It is the perfect place to start when you want to center your thoughts and your days around gratitude.

The 6 simple quotes and verses included in the Gratitude Mini Devotional are meant to open your eyes to the different ways gratitude can look and sound, and also the benefits of making a gratitude list as you make it a part of your daily routine. 

As busy Moms I think we can agree, no day is ever the same! But one thing remains true - there is always good to be found if we get in the habit of noticing!

Let these easy gratitude devotions be your gentle reminder that practicing gratitude has the power to lift your spirits and transform your outlook on every kind of day:

  • The everything-is-going-right days
  • The running-late days
  • The sick-kid days
  • The just-got-a-promotion days
  • The need-a-nap days
  • The take-a-long-walk days
  • The stop-everything-and-call-a-friend days
  • And every day in between!