LITTLE SHOP | 30-Day Gratitude Devotional | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | 30-Day Gratitude Devotional | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | 30-Day Gratitude Devotional | Price $37
LITTLE SHOP | 30-Day Gratitude Devotional | Price $37
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LITTLE SHOP | 30-Day Gratitude Devotional | Price $37

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30-Day Gratitude Devotional

30 quotes & verses to reflect on and be inspired by as you choose gratitude everyday.

Are you ready to center your days on gratitude as you fill your thoughts with the inspiring words of others choosing gratitude, everyday?

As busy Moms, we can probably agree - no two days are ever the same. But one thing remains true, there is always good to be found if we get in the mindset to notice.

Let this 30-Day Gratitude Devotional be your gentle reminder that practicing gratitude has the power to lift your spirits and transform your outlook on every kind of day:

  • The everything is going right days
  • The running late days
  • The sick kid days
  • The just got a promotion days
  • The need a nap days
  • The take a long walk days
  • And every day in between!

Here's what you have to look forward to with the 30-Day Gratitude Devotional:

  • Introduction Letter so you know exactly what to expect as you start reflecting on gratitude.
  • A mix of 15 quotes + 15 Bible verses on gratitude, carefully chosen to help you explore gratitude from different points of view.
  • Creative, pretty, friendly designs and space for reflecting meant to calm and inspire.

The 30-Day Gratitude Devotional was designed for Moms looking for an easy way to learn more about gratitude through the wise words of others.

Treat yourself to these simple, meaningful quotes and verses as you strive to weave gratitude into your everyday!


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